Blue Light Glasses

The lenses in blue light glasses filter out more high-energy blue light than standard lenses, protecting you from potential negative effects like eye strain and not-so-restful sleep. The best part? Blue light lenses can be added to any of our frames for just $50, with or without a prescription.

Javier Black Oak Tortoise


Whitten Aruba Crystal
Freddy Apricot


Heyward Antique Silver with Pine
Terrell Black Oak Tortoise
Patel Brushed Ink



Our blue-light-filtering lenses

β€’ Blue light glasses filter out the short-wave blue-violet light emitted by digital screens (and other sources). 
β€’ You can add blue-light-filtering lenses to any frames. 
β€’ You don’t need a prescription to add blue-light-filtering lenses to your frames.

Chamberlain Olive Matte
Corson Jet Black with Polished Gold


Carlton Seaweed Crystal
Crane Black Matte Eclipse



Blue Light Glasses FAQs

Blue Light Glasses FAQs